Cost-effective Knotweed Control

Put an end to your knotweed nightmare.

Introduced here as an ornamental plant in Victorian times, Japanese knotweed is now described by the Environmental Agency as “indisputably the UK’s most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant”.

Knotweed can grow over three metres tall in just 10 weeks, and not only does it swamp other vegetation, it can also cause structural damage to buildings. In fact, the threat is so serious that many banks will decline mortgage applications on properties where Japanese knotweed is present.

So if you have the dreaded knotweed in your garden, the time to start dealing with it is now. Grasshoppers offer a knotweed control service that will quickly, safely and cost-effectively remove the problem with minimal disruption to your garden.

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Japanese Knotweed Control: the Grasshoppers approach

  • Grasshoppers gardeners are trained and certified in the use of a newly-developed scientifically advanced herbicide.  As well as being highly effective in controlling knotweed, this herbicide is safe to humans and the environment and combines the very latest weed control technology!
  • When you get Grasshoppers on your side in the fight against Japanese knotweed, you can do so with peace of mind.  Our aim is to solve your problem with one visit – but included in your fee are the essential follow-up visits, as knotweed can remain dormant in the ground for up to three years!

Japanese Knotweed Control: the other options

  • Digging out may be possible, but you will have to do it year in, year out as even the tiniest bit of root can regenerate.  There are problems with disposal as Japanese knotweed is classed as ‘controlled waste’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
  • Contractors can be employed to clear the area, but this can be extremely disruptive to your garden, as well as expensive.
  • Glyphosate can be used, but will usually take several applications for up to three years to do the job you want it to.