Beautiful Plants and Borders

Right plant, right place, right first time.

When it comes to designing with plants, a number of factors come into play. What style of garden would you prefer: country cottage or contemporary? Joyfully exuberant or elegantly understated? Do you plan on enjoying your garden in spring and summer only or are you looking for interest all year round?

Our garden designers have transformed gardens throughout Gloucestershire and the rest of the Cotswolds with beautiful plants and borders. Whatever style you choose, our design eye for and deep understanding of local growing conditions and the plants that thrive here in the Cotswolds will give you a garden to be proud of. Some recent designs can be viewed in our Grasshoppers Gallery.

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  • We can devise planting schemes for you or work with other designers and plantsmen.
  • Right plant, right place – we know what plants are likely to thrive in the microclimate of your Cotswold garden.
  • Plants selected for you are sourced locally and personally checked to ensure they are healthy specimens.
  • Soil preparation is key and we make sure your newly planted garden or lawn gets off to a good start.
  • We are very happy to design and plant borders or parts of a garden rather than your entire outdoor space.
  • Winter is the ideal time to plant trees and hedges – not only do bare root trees and whips establish better, they are also less expensive.
  • For larger planting projects we are happy to open a nursery account on your behalf, saving you money.

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